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Nathan Willaim Young

Learning is a career. Just make sure you’re ready to explore.
$22hr Part-Time
| Humboldt County Only

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Nathan Young

Never Stop Learning

The human brain is capable of so much. I teach programming to those who have a thirst for curiosity. Everything in this world can be viewed scientifically. With reason we may propel ourselves and everyone forward. Without curiosity we can be like rocks.

Ask The universe:

knowledge comes from asking questions. if you don’t ask them, you will not learn.


Every word is a statistical potential. We know where nouns relate to which verbs and how nouns relate to other nouns if we suppose our unit of a measure, is a sentence. Just what pattern conforms a said sentence to be known as a sentence by means of abstract patterns so we can make it the basis of how we measure?

One question leads to other questions. What we discover becomes part innovation and part power depending on how we use it. The brain is no lug nut.

Humor & Humility

learning together is not a death match

Some folks take the act of learning with a huge degree of seriousness. Lighten up and wonder. You’re not going to ask the proper questions to discover the answer if you are all but ready to beat yourself up for getting something wrong.

Instead like me just realize a rock for brains is useful as well. Crush one up and organic farming might say we have a slow-release mineral nutrient for plants. Then we can measure the growth rates side by side. And this just from having one of those foggy days!

Get Ready to Learn:

Python, JavaScript, HTML / CSS
Lua, C#, SQL/NoSQL and more.

OpenCV, Roblox, Unity, Aframe.io,
AWS, .NET MAUI and more.

Critical & Creative Thinking:
Logical Flow + Systems Design + Team Standards

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