Nathan William Young

I’m Autistic

I’m one of those people that went to the special education room. You’d know me as an individual by the rocking and silly humor. But it’s likely we never would see each other again or at least converse. I didn’t know and I didn’t care. Other than learning differences and being both eccentric and reserved to my ways of doing things, there is not much difference between you and me.

I once got so frustrated I told my service coordinator at one of the California Regional Centers that I’d be in the front page of the newspapers. I had done it before in another area twice, so I was confident. Few months later I was telling the world about a new industry for autism and developmental disability employment in the front pages of the Eureka Reporter and then later it was the Humboldt Beacon. I’m hardheaded and truly stubborn. I’d be happy to be compared to the General Patton but of autism advocacy because I am relentless and resourceful. What I can do with technology is far more reaching.

On a Mission:

Autism Inclusion:

I’m going to be included and so will others in ways equal to so called normalcy. Big difference between personality and functional normalcy as a standard. Nope I don’t propose you become me, and I become like you. Instead, us humans need to adapt what we view as normal to diversify our exposure to real and true diversity with our designs and intents.

Autism Innovations:

I make technology that assists living life with the aid of artificial intelligence but also being heard. Adaptive technology for daily living is a big need. But so is technology that confronts wrong, abuse and or the need for change. Innovating beyond the form of traditional media makes them have to catch up.


It’s important to be levelheaded and rational. I’ve studied to much not to get it most of the time. Though I believe we all can learn from each other’s delusions. That’s where philosophy comes from!

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Mission Possible

african lion, wild cat, feline-2888519.jpg

The lion sits patiently. Other animals may come and go teasing the lion. By doing so they get comfortable and overly confident. The lion rest lazily barking a complaint here and there. Eventually the lion decides to do something, and the path is made. So, this is how change is made.

Be like the lion and not the bully that got ate.

– Nathan Young

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